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One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie-Stick

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie Stick
The Selfie-stick, gets a lot of flack these days, but i’m here to defend it and explain how it has saved many unfortunate photos being taken! Embrace the Selfie-Stick! Read more →

One Day I’ll…visit Prague!

Prague – Czech Republic. Bohemian, architecture, endless summer nights and dramatic skies. Two years ago, I decided that I was going to take extend leave as part of my long service trip. I knew New York City and Cyprus were MUST visits on this trip and where I would spend a majority of my time. I also wanted to visit… Read more →

What to do in Las Vegas in…One Day

No one goes to Las Vegas for one day, but lets face it, even if you had 4 days, and say technically you eliminate the drinking, the hangover, the drinking again and the nights you can’t recall, you would only have ONE DAY in Las Vegas. So what do you do? Put on your best walking shoes, grab the silliest… Read more →

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