One Day I’ll…see Madonna Live!

Bitch I’m Madonna…the countdown is on! 35 days and counting till I finally see my Muse live in concert for the first time EVER! Read more →

One Day I’ll…read ‘Me Before You’

What an absolutely blubbering mess I am. Tired and sleepy all because of ‘Me Before You’, written by Jojo Moyes, and now being adapted into a movie starring Sam Claflin (hubba hubba) and Emilia Clarke (all hail the dragon mother). I bought the book last week and interrupted my other two book readings because I got sucked into this one.… Read more →

One Day I’ll…see Drew Barrymore in the Flesh!

What an amazing night! Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Sydney State Theater, movie night and all for a good cause! #MissYouAlready I am beyond words at the moment at the experience I had the other night. An emotional basket case! 🙂 So when the opportunity arose that I could see the new movie featuring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore all for… Read more →

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie-Stick

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie Stick
The Selfie-stick, gets a lot of flack these days, but i’m here to defend it and explain how it has saved many unfortunate photos being taken! Embrace the Selfie-Stick! Read more →

One Day I’ll…avoid dry winter skin

How to survive dry winter skin with 6 affordable products? Read more →

One Day I’ll…visit Prague!

Prague – Czech Republic. Bohemian, architecture, endless summer nights and dramatic skies. Two years ago, I decided that I was going to take extend leave as part of my long service trip. I knew New York City and Cyprus were MUST visits on this trip and where I would spend a majority of my time. I also wanted to visit… Read more →

Follow my blog via Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A great way to keep up to date with my blog and follow some other amazing bloggers! Download the app as well! You’ll get notification for every post I put up on the blog! Thanks for all your support! Have a great day! Read more →

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