One Day I’ll…see Madonna Live!

Bitch I’m Madonna…the countdown is on! 35 days and counting till I finally see my Muse live in concert for the first time EVER! Read more →

One Day I’ll…see Drew Barrymore in the Flesh!

What an amazing night! Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Sydney State Theater, movie night and all for a good cause! #MissYouAlready I am beyond words at the moment at the experience I had the other night. An emotional basket case! 🙂 So when the opportunity arose that I could see the new movie featuring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore all for… Read more →

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie-Stick

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie Stick
The Selfie-stick, gets a lot of flack these days, but i’m here to defend it and explain how it has saved many unfortunate photos being taken! Embrace the Selfie-Stick! Read more →

One Day I’ll… take the advice of a Buzz Feed Article

Do you file away e-newsletters in the hope of actually doing the lists recommended? One Day I’ll Do It is not only going to tackle some of the 21 Books to Read before they hit the screens in 2015, but will also delete this email newsletter that was filed in a ‘to-action’ folder. Read more →

One Day I’ll…Discover New Music

Many of my friends know that I live and breathe music and if I had just one little bit of musical talent in any of my bones or even in my blood I’d be the lead singer of a ‘long-haired rock & roll band’. I avoid commercial radio stations and don’t ever listen to it in the car or at… Read more →

One Day I’ll…visit the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Angels, crystals, teas, cocoa, meditation, aura photographs (yes, apparently technology can see your aura), massages, herbal remedies, essential oils, psychic readings etc etc. All under one roof. For a measly $10 you get to wander around and feel immersed in the “let your mind be free, be one with the earth, let your spirit guide you” mantra. I do love… Read more →

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