One Day I’ll… take the advice of a Buzz Feed Article

Do you file away e-newsletters in the hope of actually doing the lists recommended? One Day I’ll Do It is not only going to tackle some of the 21 Books to Read before they hit the screens in 2015, but will also delete this email newsletter that was filed in a ‘to-action’ folder. Read more →

One Day I’ll…Enjoy Winter! 20 Things to do during Winter

My blog feed and Inbox is drowning in Summer Fun articles and sales! While the Northern hemisphere is raving about summer arriving and getting ready for summer and enjoying all their fun in the sun, the rest of the world (the south) still needs to get through the next 3 miserable months of winter! So ditch those summer blogs and… Read more →

One Day I’ll…visit Prague!

Prague – Czech Republic. Bohemian, architecture, endless summer nights and dramatic skies. Two years ago, I decided that I was going to take extend leave as part of my long service trip. I knew New York City and Cyprus were MUST visits on this trip and where I would spend a majority of my time. I also wanted to visit… Read more →

One Day I’ll Do It…Use New (old) Make-Up

One of the reasons I started this blog was because of the amount of ‘New’ make-up I’ve bought over the years that I haven’t used yet! Not only products that I’ve bought, but samples and freebies I’ve received with my purchases. Today, during my morning make-up routine I decided to use some of the new old stuff I’ve had stored… Read more →

One Day I’ll…Discover New Music

Many of my friends know that I live and breathe music and if I had just one little bit of musical talent in any of my bones or even in my blood I’d be the lead singer of a ‘long-haired rock & roll band’. I avoid commercial radio stations and don’t ever listen to it in the car or at… Read more →

What to do in Las Vegas in…One Day

No one goes to Las Vegas for one day, but lets face it, even if you had 4 days, and say technically you eliminate the drinking, the hangover, the drinking again and the nights you can’t recall, you would only have ONE DAY in Las Vegas. So what do you do? Put on your best walking shoes, grab the silliest… Read more →

One Day I’ll… make Creamy Smoked Salmon Tartlets

I’m now a self-proclaimed hoarder, however, I’m actually a quiet organized one, I have all these recipes saved and filed under Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Salads, Vegetarian, Desserts, Chocolates, Cocktails, Breakfast, Finger Foods etc etc..  Another recipe was attempting to make its way into my folder, to be kept, along with the million other recipes that I’ve kept in the hope… Read more →

One Day I’ll…use all those Candles I’ve collected

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a bit of a hoarder; saving items I’ve purchased to use ‘One Day’. Over the years I’ve collected, received as gifts, purchased bulk when on sale, beautiful scented candles. I always thought and imagined in my head that I’d have them around my home, styled on bedside tables, dining tables and above the… Read more →

One Day I’ll…visit the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Angels, crystals, teas, cocoa, meditation, aura photographs (yes, apparently technology can see your aura), massages, herbal remedies, essential oils, psychic readings etc etc. All under one roof. For a measly $10 you get to wander around and feel immersed in the “let your mind be free, be one with the earth, let your spirit guide you” mantra. I do love… Read more →

One Day I’ll….Shake it Off, Shake it off

Happy Hump Day! Only one way to get through this week and that’s to Shake it Off, Supernatural Style! The amazing girls at The Hillywood Show put together the most amazing Supernatural Parody to the song everyone loves to hate, Taylor Swifts’ Shake It Off. This is the Best and ONLY version of the song you need to hear, a… Read more →

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