One Day I’ll…go without my iPhone (unintentionally)

Yesterday a large Australian telco company went down without data or call usage for some of its customers! It was an amusing situation, a human error that had people going out of their minds for a few hours. I was surprised I did not panic. I guess I had other means to contact people if it was required via Wi-Fi and I used Skype to call some colleagues so it wasn’t a huge disaster. However I have to admit that I was prepared for something like this, due to a similar situation I experienced the last week.

In light of this situation, and coincidentally in my draft was my next post, the day I went without an iPhone (unintentionally):


Dear Diary, or computer or other device also known as ‘not-my-iPhone’

Its 10:25am and I’ve decided that I must document this moment in my life.
I can’t remember the last time I went through a day without my phone! Yeh I’ve traveled 20 odd hours in an aircraft to visit another country, but I’ve had my phone with me, within reach and even though I couldn’t make phone calls, I could still access other stuff that would fill the void of boredom when it occurred on a plane (not likely because I love the plane travelling – but that’s another blog post).

And yes, moments have happened were we’ve been apart for a few hours, or that one time, when I actually left work and went home to get it, but today… today will be a social experiment (that’s what I’m telling myself it is before I completely lose my mind).

I’m not an overly attached-to-my-phone kind of person, but I use it whilst at work a lot to listen to my music, to read the notifications as they pop up, to quickly access my watts app messages, but I’m not glued to it. I still have internet access at work and can see Facebook and Twitter so it’s not entirely the end of the world. But, it’s just that moment, when you don’t have your phone, THAT one phone call you’ve been waiting for (Jensen Ackles calling me) will happen and you will miss it!
So, it’s OK. I’m OK, but I think it would be wise to document this moment and read it next time it happens.

It started mid-drive this morning on my way to work, when I thought, “ooh I like this song, ooh it suits the rainy dreary weather, ooh I’m stopped at the lights, perfect snapchat moment!” reach for my phone in my bag. It’s not there, ok, so maybe it’s at the bottom of the bag, moments gone I’ll get it when I get to work.

Thoughts start ticking too quickly as panic sets in; maybe it’s not in the bottom of my bag, my bag is fairly light today, next set of lights, I start pulling things out. Cardigan, book, umbrella, purse, lunch… IT’S NOT IN MY BAG!

Ok…deep breaths.. it’s fine, it’s a home… is it at home?

08:45am: Park the car, look through bag again! It’s definitely 100% not in there.

08:59am: Get to desk, computer on, log into iCloud ‘find my phone’, start cursing myself, why do I listen and read those stupid articles of how everyone will know my location? Who cares if they know! Because its times like this I wish I didn’t read those articles and didn’t turn OFF my iCloud services, because now I’ve gone into major panic mode because iCloud find my phone is telling me my devices are OFF! Stupid people who write these articles!

09:15am: Email people who care that if they need to contact me, they will need to call me at work or reach me via email.

09:30am: Realise I don’t have my music so I can’t block out the moron that sits next to me who likes the sound of his own voice ‘as such’ grrrrr

09:35am: Realise that I have to spend money today, and can’t get my free coffee from my favourite Italian barista, because my rewards card, is an app and the app is on my phone, which may be at home!

10:00am: Want to throw my computer out the window because even though I have a trial subscription of Spotify, I can’t use the Spotify web account on my work computer, because my streaming is blocked and restricted!

10:25am: Found a free streaming radio online. Earphones on, calmness has arrived. Inspiration has hit. Blog about this first world problem I’m experiencing.

11:11am: Working and listening away and hear a great song randomly appear on the web streaming site, think, Yeh love this song, I want to save it to my playlist – oh wait, I’m not listening to the song on my phone! I have to write it down on a piece of paper! May as well document it here – Runaway – The Killers.

12:36pm: I think my finger is cramping up, it hasn’t scrolled and double-tapped an Instagram post in 5½ hours! wahhhh! Take me back to this morning when I double tapped @nicotortorella Instagram post and @mattcohen4real beautiful #you post.

1:00pm lunch break. It’s ok, I’m entering the world of books. I’m old school here so I have physical books to read! Damn, just remember I can’t record my book progression on my goodreads app. I miss you phone. 

2:20pm: OMG Supernatural is on tonight, what if @jarpad or @jensenackles are live tweeting and I’m missing all the notifications? Yeh I can follow it online, but I get instant notifications. I can’t breathe! Everything is spinning. I need to lie down! #spnfamily #supernatural.

3:10pm: I’ve survived most of the day, may have been a little dramatic at times, and to be honest I didn’t really miss my phone…. that much.

6:00pm: Hello my little friend. I hope you survived me not touching you, tapping you, swiping you! 300 notifications? Needy much?

Happily reunited

Happily reunited

I survived. As I said, I’m not a “have-to-be-on-my-phone-all-the-time” kind of girl. I actually detest it more than anything in the world, especially when I’m with friends and we are supposed to be having conversations and they get on their phones to Facebook or Tweet or whatever! If you’re not making an emergency phone call then I don’t want to see your phone if we are having conversations!
Exception to the above rule is if we are both checking out the latest tweet from @harrystyles or you’ve saved an easy recipe link from the Tastemade facebook page.


How long have you gone without your phone?
Would you do a 24-hour no-phone challenge?
What about a 24-hour social-media ban?
Do you have any advice on how to do this and survive?
If you do hashtag me in your FB/Tweet/Instagram #onedayilldoit #phonefreezone #nosocialmedia

xoxo KK


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