One Day I’ll…Start again (again)

My dear loyal readers…
How many times have we said we will start again, we will start on Monday, New Year’s resolutions, and promises to ourselves? Hands up if you have ‘started again’ numerous times? *raises both hands*
It’s ok to start again, and it’s taken me a few months to accept that, why are we always so hard on ourselves? We start again, because life does get in the way! As we make plans and lists to live life, we forget that we are indeed actually living it daily and achieving many of these ‘to-do’ lists without realising we are accomplishing them.

Take for instance this blog. I’ve lost count of the number of items that I’ve said “tomorrow I’ll blog”, the irony is, my blog is about ‘doing all the things I’ve said I’ll do” and I am doing it all which is taking up all of my time, and not finding the time to ‘blog’ about them and being unfair to my readers by not sharing those moments.

I write about them, they are all in the ‘draft’ of my notebook, but then time passes and it’s almost as though it’s too late to tell you about it, but it’s not too late, because it’s a moment, a memory that I’ve finally experienced. So I will publish them and share them with you all.

Since my last post – back in October of 2015, summer arrived in Sydney, Christmas and New Year was celebrated and the first month of 2016 came and went along with my resolutions.
Lots of items were ticked off my list including:

One Day I’ll go to Huskisson (town down south of NSW)

Huskisson Beach

Huskisson Beach

One Day I’ll go to an 80s Prom (sister celebrated her birthday inspired by an 80s Prom Night)
One day I’ll make a Pavlova from scratch (I still intend to blog about this experience as it was the most an incredible feeling, I know its sugar and eggs but never thought I had it in me to be able to achieve such a beautiful and sweet treat).
One Day I’ll sing karaoke Bohemian Rhapsody with Robert Benedict! (OH MY GOD – inner fan girl is dying reminiscing and I will blog this one in conjunction with the Las Vegas Supernatural Convention coming up in March).

Karaoke with Supernatural Stars

Karaoke with Supernatural Stars

One Day I’ll get rid of toxic people (I will post about this when the toxins have been removed completely)
One Day I’ll quit sugar – still a work in progress (m&m are my weakness)

One Day I’ll start a book club (currently in production and recruiting members)

Book Club venues by the Beach?

Book Club venues by the Beach?

So as you can see from the items above, where I thought that I wasn’t doing anything, and neglecting my blog, the fact is, I was doing many things that have always been on my list. Intense research! I simply forgot to share them with you all. Oops!

You will also be happy to know that I have scheduled a few blogs which are ready to go in the next few days just to make it up to you all.

In the meantime, share with me the times you’ve started again? Have you kept your January resolutions? What goals have you set this year?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.





  1 comment for “One Day I’ll…Start again (again)

  1. Di
    February 5, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Enjoy reading your blogs! I don’t make New Years resolution cause I’m hopeless & sticking to them lol

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