One Day I’ll…read ‘Me Before You’

What an absolutely blubbering mess I am. Tired and sleepy all because of ‘Me Before You’, written by Jojo Moyes, and now being adapted into a movie starring Sam Claflin (hubba hubba) and Emilia Clarke (all hail the dragon mother).

I bought the book last week and interrupted my other two book readings because I got sucked into this one. An absolutely beautiful story of truth and real life.

Me Before You

Me Before You

And real life sucks. I only realised that as I kept reading the book and wanted make-believe land to take over, the ‘life of the movies’ to step in and change the story to a happy ending.

As I sobbed in my pillow late last night and then sending tweets off to Jojo and Sam telling them about my heartache, it dawned on me what an amazing story I had just read. Reality is we don’t always get the guy, we don’t always cure cancer, we don’t always find the solution and that’s the truth, that’s the raw heartache of it… but it’s not a bad thing. In the face of heartache and disappointment, something rang clear, that among the sorrow, there is the silver lining, and it’s quiet rewarding, because in comparison to these unfortunate incidents, when the amazing things do happen in our lives, they are mind blowing!

We take for granted the beautiful moments in our lives, we become so consumed by the sorrow and heartache that we forget those little snippets that bring us more joy than anything else. Like text messages from your god children, or a stranger shouting you a coffee, or those morning walks on the beach, when you see that the sun has risen for another glorious day.

As much as I enjoyed the book (and can’t wait to see the movie); there was one thing that annoyed me more than anything….. SPOILER ALERT ……. stop  reading right now if you intend to read this book or watch it!

Just live.

Just live.

Why would you not spend that last week with him, why be a stubborn ass child and not spend that last week with him! I think I sobbed more about that, about the time lost, about the last moments… that could have been an incredible week… yes it would have been crushing and heart breaking, but it was the last week. If you could spend that last week with someone you love, wouldn’t you have taken that opportunity!?

P.S Ms JoJo you fooled me, you really had me fooled into believing in my own ‘la la land stories’ when I saw there was a sequel, I had hopes, I was optimistic, I presumed, I thought maybe, just maybe, I got excited and just like Louisa you broke my heart!



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