One Day I’ll…see Drew Barrymore in the Flesh!

What an amazing night!
Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Sydney State Theater, movie night and all for a good cause! #MissYouAlready

I am beyond words at the moment at the experience I had the other night. An emotional basket case! 🙂

So when the opportunity arose that I could see the new movie featuring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore all for a good cause, i jumped at the chance. I got even more excited to discover that both stars were going to attend the event all for the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

The Girl-Crush

 DrewBarrymore1 Drew

My girl crush has been Drew Barrymore for as long as I can remember, since ET! Seeing her the other night, mere meters away from me, talking about strength, and friendship and platonic love stories, just moved me. She’s amazingly talented, gifted, intelligent and beautiful, i don’t think there are enough words to explain how much i admire this woman! From her own struggles to her amazing triumphs! She is everything! An actress, an entrepreneurs, a humanitarian, a mother, a wife, a friend and more importantly a woman! how can someone not want to be her BFF!
My fellow Piscean spoke with some much passion, and vulnerability and truth she brought me to tears! All I wanted to do was just go up and tell her how much she meant to me, how she was my role model growing up alongside her and how much she shaped my life! Unfortunately I couldn’t do that, but breathing the same air as her and listening to her speak will remain a memory I will treasure forever.

The Movie – ‘Miss You Already’


What an amazing movie! I’d like to say that I didn’t cry every moment, but I did. It was beautifully told, the story about how two best friends deal with everything when one of them has been diagnosed with breast cancer was told with simplicity, honesty and love. The thing that I loved the most about this movie was the raw realness. The brutal truth, about how the frustrations and the sadness and effect of one persons suffering is felt by everyone. From friends, to families, to children, parents and co-workers, the message that support is always there, even when we are hurt, and really struggling, it was real and raw and damn honest!

Watch the trailer here:


The FoundationPinkBreakfast
I’ve been hosting Pink Breakfasts for the organisation for many years now, and this was another fundraiser I was more than happy to attend. This year I’m hosting another breakfast, but for the month of October, I will be offering some other goodies all donations that will be auctioned to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post to be updated with all the special features I’ll have going on. In addition to these exciting prizes, I also have a page set up that you can go and make donations.

All your donations can be made here:

To spread some joy and and kindness, I am going to be giving away a double pass for you and a friend to see the movie in Australia. All you need to do is share my post and blog, have at least 3 friends start following either my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Blog, spread the word! Next Wednesday 8th October I will draw out a name and mail you the special pass!

For now, please share this cause to all your friends, and have an amazing weekend.





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