One Day…at a Time

  Hello All
I hope you’ve all been well. 

I want to tell you all that I’ve appreciated your support with my blog and I feel that I should apologies for my absence and lack of posting. 

When I started doing this blog it was so that I would tick the list of things that I had either written down, or were in my head, the things that were filed away, saved, clipped and stored to be done one day. 

The hard part about this blog is time… Time has played a massive factor even in ticking the things off my list; finding the time and balancing life in general, adding to that, work life, family life and most importantly fulfilling hopes and dreams. 

It’s hard. damn hard! So I’m asking my beautiful followers to have some patience with me, because the first thing that should have been on my list was to one day manage my time. 

Over the next few days, my intentions are to make a plan, a schedule that will allow me to allocate time to all the things I want to do! 

In doing so I hope to post more regularly and provide you with informative and entertaining reads. 

Again I thank you so much for your support, for your likes and for sharing my blog with your friends. Please continue to do so and I promise I will reward you with quality posts (maybe some prizes as well). 

Thank you again. 



  2 comments for “One Day…at a Time

  1. Diane
    September 24, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Good luck with your plan! You come first so it’s good you’re finally taking care of you

    • September 24, 2015 at 9:03 pm

      Thanks Diane ☺️

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