One Day I’ll Ask…R U OK?



Simply asking your family and friends, if they are ok? Starting a conversation, reconnecting with our family and friends and having meaningful conversations, a simple gesture that could change the path of someone’s life, especially those that are struggling.

I wanted to post about this subject, because in a world and society that has evolved where interaction is readily available and instant, and has  evolved in so many ways, through different communication mediums, our personal interactions and connections have lost the human touch. Everyday people are struggling, whether it be personal lives, work life, health whatever it may be, sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to deal with it all.

I’m not a specialist and I won’t claim to know it all or that my life is bliss and wonderful and that I don’t have down days. I have lots of downs and lots of ups… but sometimes, we need to be asked… genuinely asked ‘R U OK?’ but today’s important message is for us to do the asking – so ask your friends, your colleagues, your family ‘R U OK?’




But there’s a lot more that comes with the question, if you are going to ask, the most important thing is to listen. Give undivided attention and be ready to support (please put your smart phones away), be prepared to just listen. If you can’t support, offer support in other ways, refer them to someone who is trained to deal with difficult situations and able to provide professional support.

R U OK? Has some great suggestions here on how to start the conversation:


Our struggles big or small impact our everyday lives, what may mean nothing to you may mean the world to someone else. Try to be kind to each other, and today and everyday, just ask someone ‘R U OK?’ you will never know how you could make a difference by just listening.

Do you or a loved one need help? Find help now.


A simple gesture goes a long way…so ‘one day I’ll ask…R U OK?’

xx KK


R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging and empowering all people to ask “are you ok?” of anyone struggling with life.

Our vision is a world where everyone is connected and is protected from suicide. Find out more:



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