One Day I’ll…Enjoy Winter! 20 Things to do during Winter

My blog feed and Inbox is drowning in Summer Fun articles and sales! While the Northern hemisphere is raving about summer arriving and getting ready for summer and enjoying all their fun in the sun, the rest of the world (the south) still needs to get through the next 3 miserable months of winter!

So ditch those summer blogs and let’s get happy with 20 things to do in winter!

  1. Curling up on the couch re-reading your favourite books. The Outsiders by far is my favourite book and I have many copies of it, I re-read it every year, more than likely when I’m on a plane (usually because I’ve picked up a another copy from a 2nd hand bookstore in the country I’m visiting).Copywrite - Kellie Koutoullas
  2. It may be cold, but nothing warms you up like a nice brewed cup of coffee and cake! Explore all the new coffee and cafe in your city! So many have recently opened up in Sydney, that I’m running out of weekends trying to get to them all! However, if they start enticing me with their sweet pastries I’ll be there in a heartbeat!
  3. Do a short course. Community colleges offer short-term courses in lots of exciting things, such as cake-baking, drawing, photography, learning languages, plus so many more options! Research your local community colleges and see how you can nurture your life! Tick another item off your list!
  4. Turn the digital world off, make a nice cup of hot chocolate, pick up a pencil (or pen) and do some brain teasers. Do a Sudoku puzzle, crosswords, find-a-word, something that will get you back to the simple life and exercise your brain!
  5. Do some indoor crafts – Scrap-booking? Making jewellery or start sewing.
  6. Start a book club. Reach out and connect with friends who read books! Pick a book and set times to catch up and discuss your thoughts about the characters, the plots, who you see playing your characters in movies? Should the make it a movie?11391098_1668276190067977_6917982741715920101_n
  7. Have movie/TV show marathons. At the moment I’m playing catch up with Suits, Once Upon A Time and eventually will get to Breaking Bad! A great way to save money and stay indoors!
  8. Play board games – Monopoly anyone? We’ve become so involved in the digital world that we’ve forgotten how much fun we have being social and playing games. Adding a little competition among friends whilst playing board games gets the heart racing and warms the bodies!19168976941_e193668cb2_z
  9. Hosting a dinner party for your friends and cooking hearty meals. Take turns each week for someone to host a dinner party! Score each meal and have a small gift at the end of the winter months. Perhaps a ‘Summer Gift’ or Holiday voucher.
  10. Light up all your candles, create an ambiance of warmth with smells and light.
  11. Write love letters…or a letter to an old Pen-pal, I miss those days of receiving hand written letters in the mail. Pull out the old stationary paper and write a short letter to a friend. Or send a card to say ‘Just Thinking Of You’.
  12. Head to the snow! May as well enjoy the winter and what it’s good for! Also, knowing there’s a fireplace somewhere nearby that serves wine is probably more pleasurable.19165952011_8d3c6223b7_z
  13. Go shopping for the winter outfits. Any excuse for shopping is good for me!
  14. Go Ice-Skating. There are many pop up ice skating rinks happening all over Sydney at the moment. Try Bondi or Paramatta Winterlight event. Or check out Winter Garden event in Sydney with lots of winter themed activities in Sydney CBD and Fremantle.
  15. Have a Pamper Day – book yourself in for a spa treatment, or have one at home!
  16. Blog… you never know, there are people who do care about your thoughts! Or discover some amazing new blogs here are some of my favourites World of Wanderlust, A Girl Obsessed, The Sunday Girl, Tanya Burr, Rachel Khoo, HelloOctober, Travelettes and Hand Luggage Only.
  17. Plan your next holiday, nothing like thinking about summer during winter! Think of that next destination you want to trial out… need some tips how about Dubai, Prague or Las Vegas? Or go on that Island Escape. Avoid this winter completely and travel to a summer destination.18620204505_9e2aa1b53b_z
  18. Host a High-Tea at your place. Invite some friends over, bring out the fine china and bake some scones or biscuits. If you want to make it even more fun, add a dress theme to it, maybe wear a hats or lace and pearls!19164935645_c98104c1d2_z
  19. Create your photo-books. We take so many photos with our digital cameras, we upload them and they stay in the computer library! Create a photo-book for yourself or as a gift. Make them available as coffee table books so your friends can view them when they come over for High-Tea or dinner!
  20. Sleep in…or if you don’t like sleeping in, just stay in your pajamas ALL day!

What are some of your favourite things to do during Winter?



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