One Day I’ll Do It…Use New (old) Make-Up


One of the reasons I started this blog was because of the amount of ‘New’ make-up I’ve bought over the years that I haven’t used yet! Not only products that I’ve bought, but samples and freebies I’ve received with my purchases.

Today, during my morning make-up routine I decided to use some of the new old stuff I’ve had stored away in their ‘New’ make-up bags!

Here are the new/old products I finally used:

  1. Benefit – The POREfessional – This started as a sample product with my purchase, but last week I bought the regular size because that’s how much I LOVE this product! By far one of my favourite products that I’ve used. This genius product, minimizes the appearances of pores. I hate my pores, doesn’t matter how many cleansers and toners I use they just don’t look smaller and if I don’t fill them they look even more horrible with my tinted moisturiser. It’s extremely light weight and translucent, and soft, almost turning into a powder-like substance. It spreads on nicely, absorbs quickly and softly on your face, leaving the skin looking soft and fresh. More importantly its oil-free and covers up the pores!
  1. Clinique – Mocha Pink Blush. I can’t remember how long I’ve had this product sitting in my make-up drawer and to prove it, I’ve done further research and found that Clinique don’t make this colour any more! 🙁  I’ve only started using blush in the last two years because I naturally blush a lot! But after applying concealers, primers, tinted moisturisers/foundation and corrected my skin base I noticed that I needed to apply some colour to my face. I’m a huge fan of the crème blushes, but I also like the powder ones for a natural look. This one was easy to apply and I even used the brush that came with it, it has a nice soft natural tint that highlights and give a fresh morning glow. Unfortunately because I won’t be able to buy this colour, I know that I’ll have to try out the other colours available from Clinique (or use the numerous blushes I already own).
  1. Sephora Eyeshadow – I’ve had this for over a year now, I’ve still got the plastic on the mirror and I’ve also dropped it and lost one of the colours. Normally I’d use these colours for a night out, but I needed a pick-me up this morning (I had just finished watching the G.O.T finale so my eyes were all red from the tears). I applied the brown near the lash line and blended with the light-gold all over the lid. If you blend well you will avoid the smokey eye effect and keep it fresh.
  1. Red Earth Lipstick – So, this is really bad. I thought you couldn’t buy Red-Earth products anymore, that’s how long I’ve had this lipstick for. Looking into it further, I realised that you can still buy this trusted Australian cosmetic brand, but the saddest part is that they don’t make this particular lipstick anymore. Probably why I’ve been saving it! But I think its way way past its due date, I’ve used it a few times this week and I haven’t reacted to it, so I guess that’s a good sign! I’ll continue to use it until my lips become bigger than Kylie Jenners! It’s light formula glides on, a bit of a light butter texture, it give an instant colour and shine even with dabbing on. The only downfall of this product is that it has that ‘lipstick’ smell and taste…maybe that’s the sign that it’s too old. Any experts care to advise?
  1. L’occitane Cersisier Rouge Hand Cream – Red Cherry. This is actually a new product that I bought earlier this year whilst I was freezing in snowy New York. This gel based formula is beautiful. It absorbs quickly into your hands, moisturising perfectly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. The scent takes me away from the wintery blues to fresh Spring afternoons. And the added slight glimmer give my hands that extra sparkle. (P.S They are currently having a winter sale).

Are there any products that you’ve had forever and a day and won’t use them living in fear that they will discontinue the product you love? Let me know below!

xx KK


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