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Many of my friends know that I live and breathe music and if I had just one little bit of musical talent in any of my bones or even in my blood I’d be the lead singer of a ‘long-haired rock & roll band’.

I avoid commercial radio stations and don’t ever listen to it in the car or at home, and if I have to listen to any radio station it’s usually the golden oldies playing old stuff rather than the same new release song every hour on the hour!! Talk about over-kill!

So how do I ‘randomly discover new music’ if I’m not listening to the radio?

First up listening to artist who sing covers of my favourite songs! The 1975 (my sister takes credit for this) as a fan of One Direction (judge if you will, I don’t care) when my sister mentioned that The 1975 did a cover version of ‘What Makes you beautiful’ on BBC Radio 1 I had to listen. And just between us, it has to be one of my favourite versions of the song. But from there I thought, hmmmm like the voice what else do they sing…. And here is where Spotify became my friend.

Using Spotify I listened to The 1975 and fell in love with the songs – “Heart Out”, “Robber” and “S.E.X”. Suddenly these tunes were on repeat, then, ‘launch iTunes’ and next thing you know I’m buying the album. Based on my interest in The 1975 some other unknown tracks and artist started appearing on the streaming digital platform (Spotify).

St. Lucia, London Grammar, Kodaline, Haim, all new artists, which now have permanent residency in my iTunes library. Kodaline has by far come up as the front-runner as my favourite newbies and coincidentally or not, as I was discovering these new talents, they were also JUST leaving the Sydney shores after promo gigs! So here I am discovering these amazing artists (I may have been late to the party), but I was also missing them as they were debuting live gigs in Australia.

I suppose the next time I get a chance to see them it will be as I fight Ticketek/Ticketmaster with securing tickets with a million other fans who have quickly caught on to their brilliance!

One band I did get to see was The 1975 at the Enmore Theatre, and behold my little heart the excitement I experienced that night to see something so refreshing as Matty sway on stage, singing his eccentric heart out gave me goose pimples! Happy to say that I was fortunate enough to see them again early this year in January and the thrill of seeing them live was just as rewarding as the first time.

Last but certainly not least, is to be open to suggestions! Yeh I could tell you to go listen to One Direction, and you will laugh at me, what is a grown woman doing listening (and openly lusting over Harry Styles) to a boy-band? But that’s the beauty of it; take away the ‘boy’, take away the fandom, take away the squeals and great looks, the group is quiet talented!

I’ll be honest, I was quick to judge myself, ‘manufactured’ bands aren’t my ideal cup of tea, but I took the moment and listened. I think it was ‘Little Things’ that drew me in, followed by ‘Best Song Ever’ and then it was all over for my poor soul! Seeing the boys live two years ago, I was even more impressed, and then with the release of two new albums within that time and the concerts earlier this year, you can see and notice the change in the music. As they became adults, they developed as artists and songwriters and its extremely noticeable in the music. And I personally cannot wait to see what else they have in store.

You don’t need to admit it to the world, and you don’t need to be a diehard fan, but be open to suggestions, you never know what you will like, you never know what could hit that chord in your heart, you don’t know what could make the feels tingle.

How do you discover new artists? Are there any new artists you would suggest for me to listen to?

You can listen to a few of the mentioned artists tracks here on my Spotify list ‘Discover‘ and judge for yourself.


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