What to do in Las Vegas in…One Day

No one goes to Las Vegas for one day, but lets face it, even if you had 4 days, and say technically you eliminate the drinking, the hangover, the drinking again and the nights you can’t recall, you would only have ONE DAY in Las Vegas.

So what do you do? Put on your best walking shoes, grab the silliest novelty drinking flask and take a walk!

Up or down, it doesn’t matter because before you know it you start in one casino and somehow you will find yourself in another. The strip isn’t long to walk, but the distractions up and down the strip will make this walk feel so much longer and since you only have ONE DAY I’ll simplify it and give you my favourites!

The bonus attraction with Vegas is that you could probably go around the world in One Day as well! The casino details and replica of iconic attractions from different cities makes seeing the world much more accessible! So with no further delay, lets start the day!

Starting from the South and making your way up to the North…

1. Walk like an Egyptian (I’ve always wanted to use this in a sentence) over to the Pyramid with the light shining up into the sky at night ‘The Luxor’. First hotel I stayed in, the hotel is literally in a Pyramid, the hotel room wall slant! The foyer decor is very Egypt inspired and worth a view.

2. Always wanted to visit New York? Head to the New York New York Casino Hotel and walk the miniature (in comparison to the real one) Brooklyn Bridge. The hotel also features sights and sounds of New York, including a Shake Shack, a Hersheys store and the Big Apple Coaster & Arcade (this one I have not tried, but sources tell me that the ride propels you off the edge of the hotel).

3. Continue down towards the newly built City Center. Featuring the Vdara Hotel & Spa and the Aria Resort & Casino, plus a few other newly built resorts, the main focus of the City Center is the Crystal Retail section. All high-end designer labels under one Crystal room. Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, you name those stores are there and ready for your credit card!


Crystal Retail

4. When in Vegas, you must dine at a Buffet. I’m sure there are many other amazing buffets but this is the one that I always go back to! So head next door to my favourite hotel in all of Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan. I’ve been fortunate to stay at The Cosmopolitan twice and would go back again and again. It’s luxurious without being Vegas tacky or costly! The rooms are ample in size, the hotel is not cluttered with poker machines and the bars Vesper Room (pictured) and The Chandelier serve amazing cocktails (I know this is a non-drinking post but if you’re going to drink, drink here) and the dining features are perfect! Hence why you need to stop and eat at the Wicked Spoon buffet. Breakfast, lunch or dinner you need to dine here!

The Vesper Bar

5. Make time for the spectacular Bellagio Water fountain. Synchronized water dancing at its finest! You can catch the water display every 15 minutes after 7pm-Midnight. Whilst you are at the Bellagio, walk inside the hotel/casino and be mesmerized by the glass-tulip ceiling and The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The exhibition changes often, I’ve seen it converted into a fairground and also celebrating Chinese New Year.

While you’re outside the Bellagio, look across the road and you’ll find the beauty of Paris! A mini Eiffel Tower awaits your best selfies and touristy photos!




6. Next, throw a coin (if you haven’t gambled them all away) in the Trevi Fountain outside Caesars Palace so you can someday come back to Las Vegas. If you haven’t had enough shopping, or the Crystal Retail outlets is out of your means, The Forum featured inside Caesars Palace has more attainable stores for you to do some shopping!


7. Need to visit another Italian city? Wander on over to the Venetian and take in the chlorine scented Venetian canals…but before you get serenaded by the Gondoliers, line up for one of ‘Carlos’ Bakery’ delicious cannolis made by celebrity chef, Cake Boss himself Buddy Valastro…Be patient, the lines are extremely long for this cannoli, but OMG so worth it…(I’m salivating)!


Carlos Bakery Cannolis


8. Cirque Du Soleil – I know its cliché, but these guys are amazing. I’ve seen Ká at the MGM and Mystère at Treasure Island. If the circus isn’t your thing I heard JLO, Britney, Mariah and Human Nature are in town! Or into Magic? See Chris Angel at the Luxor or David Copperfield at the MGM!  Or if you want a little broadway catch my favourite musical Jersey Boys at the Paris Las Vegas.

9. Last on the list, and maybe first on the list for many! MAGARITAVILLE or CABO WABO (Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino). Hey, its Vegas right? You’ll end up having a drink in your hand and partying all night! But if you do go to Cabo Wabo please have the Cocorita ~ Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila, lime juice, creme of coconut, served on the rocks – Here’s the BONUS touch; rimmed with freshly roasted coconut flakes!

10. One more, I know I’ve joked about drinking and partying in Vegas but remember you’re a tourist in a somewhat foreign country, be safe and responsible or at least have one person be responsible, we really don’t want to see a Hangover Part 4!

There’s so much more to do in Las Vegas that I have not listed and mainly because I have not experienced them, I only wanted to give you what I’ve tried! However I will to my list and One Day do them all, including visit the Grand Canyon (shameful I know, I’ve been to Las Vegas four times and still haven’t been out to the Canyons…One Day, One Day I’ll Do It!)

Happy Travels!

xx KK



  2 comments for “What to do in Las Vegas in…One Day

  1. Diane
    June 10, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Reading this has made me want to do Vegas all over again. Maybe I need to return real soon

  2. Viv
    June 11, 2015 at 2:25 am

    Loved reading this Kell because it was basically everything we did/saw in Vegas. Maybe we can do the Grand Canyon in 2017

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