One Day I’ll…use all those Candles I’ve collected

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a bit of a hoarder; saving items I’ve purchased to use ‘One Day’. Over the years I’ve collected, received as gifts, purchased bulk when on sale, beautiful scented candles.


How I imagine using my candles

I always thought and imagined in my head that I’d have them around my home, styled on bedside tables, dining tables and above the fireplace as perfect final touches to accent my home. They would create the ambience and enhance the experience of visiting my place.


Moroccan Night




Well unfortunately (or fortunately) I’ve had to put them to use for another reason than those mentioned above. We seemed to have experienced a power outage in our street (while I was in the middle of cooking dinner, so this post could sound like I’m Hangry*).


So I’m finally using all these candles to light up my small apartment in order not to walk into hall tables and doors or off the balcony! They have all been lit up and the scents are a bit of a mixture… some beautiful, others potent and banned on any future lists.

Put to good use.

Put to good use.



Don’t you love it when an inspiration for a post comes when you’re thrown into a situation you have no control of?





So for your benefit, and from a scented experience here are my top 10 candles of choice and what to avoid!

  1. Circa Home – Lilac & Orchid by far my favourite, as soon as you light this one up it starts scenting the room with a light sweetnessofToyoran Orchid, Hyacinth, Tulip,fresh cut grass, White Pepper and Rosemary. It reminds me of spring.


    Circa Home – Lilac & Orchid

  2. Glasshouse…OK this is a hard one, I didn’t realize how many Glasshouse I have and tried; My equal favourites areJindabyne; woody andwintery this may have been a limited editions and possible the reason I was savoring it.,Kakadu; orange blossom,water lily and a touch of amber makes it just right!


    Glasshouse – Kakadu

  3. Glasshouse – Manhattan – oohh love this one, Orchids, Rose, Musk and Blood Orange, these scents alone are so beautiful, but combined together delish!
  4. Glasshouse –Amalfi Coast Sea Mist. A touch of the Ocean… because who doesn’t like the smell of the ocean and the memory it conjures.


    Glasshouse – Amalfi Coast

  5. Royal Doulton – Rose, Sweet Pea & Sandalwood – who would have thought thatfine china can make fine candles. The sweet/woody balance of this one is quiet enjoyable. Scent is not strong and very subtle.


    Royal Doulton – Rose, Sweet Pea & Sandalwood

  6. Ecoya – Sweet Pea & Jasmine. I love the scent of Jasmine because it reminds me of home. We had these huge Jasmine trees at the entry of our house and they also remind me of my grandmother. The delicate Sweet Pea tames the overpowering Jasmine.
  7. Dusk – Vienna. Vanilla and Cranberrys sounds like a dessert!
  8. Serenity – Sandalwood and gardenia – not the best one but perfect for a small closed room. Subtle smell and the combo of the sweet smell of gardenia is balanced with the woody scent of sandalwood
  9. The Encore – if its cheap, expect cheap. I bought it because of the scent combinations and my love for Pomegranate I was delusional by high expectations. The combo of Apple, Pomegranate and Coconut should just be changed to overpowering coconut.
  10. Glasshouse – Monet Garden. Not a fan too many flavours and lavender in my candles isn’t my thing.
  11. Tea-lights. Any scent, readily available and cheap. Plus you can put them anywhere like this new designer TopShelf Projects who uses sustainable material to make these beautiful tea-light candle holder.

    Check out more designs on Instagram @top_shelf_projects

    What are your favourite candles? Scents? List some of your recommendations, I’ll add them to my ‘restock’ list. Have a wonderful evening.

xx KK

*Hangry – emotion caused by feeling hungry.


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