One Day I’ll…visit the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Angels, crystals, teas, cocoa, meditation, aura photographs (yes, apparently technology can see your aura), massages, herbal remedies, essential oils, psychic readings etc etc. All under one roof.

For a measly $10 you get to wander around and feel immersed in the “let your mind be free, be one with the earth, let your spirit guide you” mantra. I do love this stuff…in small doses.

On the weekend I went to my first Mind, Body, Spirit festival, and to say I left feeling tranquil and at peace is far from it. My aura needed to be plucked and rebooted after the first 10 minutes of walking through the halls of this festival. It wasn’t so much the overwhelming essential oils and psychics wanting to reveal my destiny, it was more the ‘in-your-face sales people’.

I made my way through stalls of essential oils being sprayed through the air in modern diffuser, I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating by all the smells but I found these beautiful creatures (they had the coolest extended eyelashes on, they looked like fairy wings for eyes) offering samples of tea. I love tea (not more than coffee) but I love tea, so I stopped and sampled a few different flavours of organic ‘Tea Tonic’.  After having a few too many samples, I figured that Sweet isn’t my cup-of-tea (haha I made a pun). So I purchased the Well-Being Tea (Minty) and the Oriental Twist Tea…

Tea TonicTea Tonic

Tea TonicNext up was crystals… NOT… it was Chocolate! Pana Chocolate not your average chocolate! This was RAW, ORGANIC, NO DAIRY, NO SOY, LOW GI and GLUTEN FREE – (I don’t care either way, it was CHOCOLATE). Tasting all the samples it was easy to choose three flavours that I wanted! Mint, Cinnamon, Orange. Just before I left the stand to demolish these chocolate bars into my mouth (I didn’t really, but how funny would it have been, visualise me in a corner of this festival smashing chocolate, haha) the helpful assistant kindly mentioned that they have a shop in Alexandria! OMG… so close to me.. why are they trying to kill me; Melbournians, there’s one in Richmond as well! So now I have to add that one to my list – One Day I’ll visit the store..ChocolateOne last stop before I left this festival, by this stage I was grateful for the tea (kept me hydrated) and the chocolate (kept me going), I made the mistake of trying a lavender lolly (eww), until I found Zefyr. I recognised their stall when I saw them the first time at The Rocks and remembered how I fell in love with a pair of earrings and gorgeous ring and this emerald beauty (take note, my birthday is in March, I’ll accept belated birthday presents) only to then fall in love with their new Monsoon necklace range!We got talking to the designer of the brand Tanya Coelho and in those 10 minutes of conversation I have never felt more inspired and motivated to continue with my blog and my jewellery making. A lovely lady and their designs are beautiful. I didn’t buy anything that day because I want to go and buy it from their signature stand at ‘The Rocks Market’ and say I bought it from there; sometimes the purchase is all about the whole experience including WHERE you buy it from.

Overall it was fun, because I discovered two new products that I’ll buy again, but would I go again… not really.

So.. in a couple of hours I hydrated, nourished and hallucinated my mind, body and spirit 🙂

If this post wasn’t your cup-of-tea, check out the Giggles page for some fun!

Hope you have a spirited day filled with rainbows, confetti and unicorns!

xx KK



  2 comments for “One Day I’ll…visit the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

  1. Viv
    June 5, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Ahhhhhhh Kell, I’m loving your blog 🙂

    • June 6, 2015 at 12:08 am

      Aww Viv you’re too sweet!

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