One Day I’ll…read Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Confession…. I have to read the book before I watch the movie. Only because sometimes (majority of the time) I don’t think the casting directors have actually READ the book, understood the characters and more importantly been inside my head to envision my version of Edward, or Lestat. However, hats off to the casting director of ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘The Virgin Suicide’ perfect casting!

I am a little worried about what they’ll do to my Bronze Horseman; Alexander. Only time will tell and I’m sure I’ll blog about it! (Casting directors take note, in my head he looks like Henry Cavill).

So unfortunately I’ve made a rule for myself that I will read the book before I watch the movie, sometimes I’m so delayed with this that I miss out on watching it in the cinema and have to succumb to watching it on DVD – as was the case with the “The Book Thief” which has become one of my favourite book/movie combination!

In the case of Wuthering Heights it was more about just reading the damn book! From memory I think I may have attempted to read it a total of 4 times, didn’t get much further than the first few chapters. Not sure what it was that didn’t grab me, but this time I was persistent, even when at times I wanted to throw the book across the room or just grab Heathcliff by the arms to shake the cold bitterness that engulfed his poor heart!

*Break out in a Disney musical number right here*

“Let it go, let it go,

Heathcliff, Catherine can’t hold you back anymore,

Let it go, let it go, move out of the haunted moors”.

After finally finishing the book, Goodreads (my new favourite book app) asked me to review it, I didn’t know what to write, I was confused, I think my 21st century self didn’t get why mini-Catherine put up with all those men and their wimpy cries for affection, girlfriend should have just kicked them all out of Wuthering Heights and The Grange and told them to ‘Man-Up’ and move on!

Heathcliff is worse than Bridget Jones on a good day, maybe they didn’t have ice-creams in mini-tubs for him to just indulge his emotions into it, and that Ellen she’s just my Bonnie Hunt… always the available friend to lend a hand but not exactly the main star…so close yet so far!

But I see the fascination of this book by teens, by authors, by all sorts of media, by the adaptations, by the fan-fics, even characteristics in famous celebrities and it comes down to this; it’s really about the complexity of these characters. We just can’t decipher them, we can’t categories them, we love to hate them and hate to love them, we just can’t comprehend them! And isn’t that what romance, passion and love is about? Not understanding it, but when you have it it’s even worse than not having it?

All in all, it was a good read, except for Joseph (caretaker) I skipped all his mumble jumble Ms Bronte I wish you had just translated what he was trying to say – and all those literary people who are about to judge me, I don’t care about the blah blah blah or the writing and era and blah blah blah!

I did enjoy it, eventually…

I guess that’s my review. Now the question still stands which version of Wuthering Heights do I watch?? I thought there was only one (Laurence Oliver 1939 version) but apparently IMDB informs me there are 19 titles! So instead of attempting to watch them all, do you guys have any suggestions just so I don’t just throw myself off the Moors?

I’m also curious to know if there was a book character that you felt was incorrectly cast in the movie version?

Leave your comments below! And have a wonderful weekend.





  2 comments for “One Day I’ll…read Wuthering Heights

  1. Geraldine Morley
    May 30, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    I think I remember seeing a version with Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff when I was in school. Wuthering Heights was our novel for study….

    • May 30, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      hey Geraldine, YEH I saw that there was his version as well… And I also think I saw a Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche one as well. I might bite the bullet and see the first ever and last ever made just for comparison!

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