One Day I’ll…see Madonna Live!

Bitch I’m Madonna…the countdown is on! 35 days and counting till I finally see my Muse live in concert for the first time EVER! Read more →

One Day I’ll…go without my iPhone (unintentionally)

Yesterday a large Australian telco company went down without data or call usage for some of its customers! It was an amusing situation, a human error that had people going out of their minds for a few hours. I was surprised I did not panic. I guess I had other means to contact people if it was required via Wi-Fi… Read more →

One Day I’ll…Start again (again)

My dear loyal readers… How many times have we said we will start again, we will start on Monday, New Year’s resolutions, and promises to ourselves? Hands up if you have ‘started again’ numerous times? *raises both hands* It’s ok to start again, and it’s taken me a few months to accept that, why are we always so hard on… Read more →

One Day I’ll…read ‘Me Before You’

What an absolutely blubbering mess I am. Tired and sleepy all because of ‘Me Before You’, written by Jojo Moyes, and now being adapted into a movie starring Sam Claflin (hubba hubba) and Emilia Clarke (all hail the dragon mother). I bought the book last week and interrupted my other two book readings because I got sucked into this one.… Read more →

One Day I’ll…see Drew Barrymore in the Flesh!

What an amazing night! Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Sydney State Theater, movie night and all for a good cause! #MissYouAlready I am beyond words at the moment at the experience I had the other night. An emotional basket case! 🙂 So when the opportunity arose that I could see the new movie featuring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore all for… Read more →

One Day…at a Time

  Hello All I hope you’ve all been well.  I want to tell you all that I’ve appreciated your support with my blog and I feel that I should apologies for my absence and lack of posting.  When I started doing this blog it was so that I would tick the list of things that I had either written down, or… Read more →

One Day I’ll Ask…R U OK?

Tomorrow 10th September, is ‘R U OK?’ day. The campaign is a not-for profit suicide prevention, that has a great message. Read more →

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie-Stick

One Day I’ll…defend the Selfie Stick
The Selfie-stick, gets a lot of flack these days, but i’m here to defend it and explain how it has saved many unfortunate photos being taken! Embrace the Selfie-Stick! Read more →

One Day I’ll…get back on track

My sincere apologies to all my lovely followers! I have been a bit slack lately with posting blogs. Not because I’ve been lazy but because unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way! I have been doing lots of ‘One Day I’ll Do it’ moments, but just have not had a chance to document them! Things will be back on track… Read more →

One Day I’ll…avoid dry winter skin

How to survive dry winter skin with 6 affordable products? Read more →

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